What is Engaged Encounter?

The Engaged Encounter Weekend utilizes a dynamic process based on listening, writing and dialoguing. The process encourages the engaged couple to concentrate on building a relationship. The weekend extends from 7:30 PM Friday to 4:00 PM Sunday afternoon. Free from the pressures and distractions of daily living, the engaged couple has the opportunity to concentrate exclusively on each other, while examining the essential issues they will encounter with the marriage relationship.

The design of the weekend encourages the couple to explore mutual strengths and weaknesses, goals, aspirations and attitudes concerning family life, children, sexuality, finances, the Church and society. The couples are encouraged to communicate in terms of planning their marriage, not only a wedding day celebration. “ A wedding is a day … a marriage is a lifetime.”

About the Weekend

Our purpose is to prepare engaged couples for the sacrament of marriage by providing a life-giving view of marriage and by challenging couples to communicate openly and honestly with each other. Our specific goals include:

  • To strengthen marriage and family life.
  • To help develop a contemporary theology of marriage. As married couples we have a great deal to offer from our experiences. We share these openly with the engaged couples.
  • To call our Church to a fresh view of the gift of marriage preparation.
  • To help make Catholic Engaged Encounter available in every diocese in the U.S.
  • To develop weekends which meet the languages and needs of multicultural groups.